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Into the Fold, collaborative performance with dancers Rachel Tess, Stephan Laks and Banning Roberts; and lighting designer Michael Mazzola, 2008.

Into the Fold
In April 2008, I was invited to collaborate with Rumpus Room Dance in the creation of the performance piece, Into the Fold. Rumpus Room Dance is a non-profit dance collective based in Portland, Oregon and Goteborg, Sweden. In addition to co-directors and dancers Rachel Tess and Stephan Laks, the collaboration included Paris-based dancer Banning Roberts and lighting designer Michael Mazzola of Oregon Ballet Theatre.

See stop motion sequences from Into the Fold perfomance on YouTube.
View video of Into the Fold on YouTube

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The 9 Chapters

“The forest”

“The art pit”

Banning, Stephan, Rachel

Rachel, Banning, Stephan

Stephan, Rachel

Rachel, Banning

“The forest,” again

Rachel, Stephan

Stephan, Rachel

Banning, Rachel

The 9 Chapters,

Preparing panels for the "art pit"