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East River Series

East River Series
Broderick Gallery
Portland, OR, 2002

While in graduate school at New York Univerity, I knew that I really wanted to challenge myself. So rather than continuing the work I had been doing, I began experimenting with an entirely new way to create paintings. Paintings that are three-dimensional. Paintings that aren't dependent on the wall or the frame to be exhibited or defined. Paintings that are complete, yet somehow in flight. Paintings that respond to the landscape in a different way, communicating not just the visual, but the emotional field I see. My earlier body of work successfully explored the formal elements of painting and was responsive to those painters who have had such a profound influence on me. The structure of my paintings has now changed, but the language of mark and color is still related to my earlier work, to my history and identity.

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East River No. 1

East River No. 2

East River No. 3

East River No. 4

East River No. 5

East River No. 6

East River No. 8

East River No. 10

East River No. 11

East River No. 12

East River No. 13

Genji's Retreat

Oaks Park